LPX2 The LORENZ LPX 2 Metal Detector is a very sensitive and stable working measuring instrument.
It is based on the Pulse Induction principle which allows the detection of Metal objects at great depths. Big metal objects will be detected at several meters while using large search coils. LORENZ Metal Detectors are very versatile and are constructed to locate both large and small metal objects in the ground. The specially developed electronics circuit and search coils give extra depth to non ferrous metals and reduce the effects of mineralised soils or conducting salt water.

All metals will give an audible response with the LPX 2. Small non ferrous plates and coins will respond very sensitively with the available 14'' and 18''inches coils, which work in conjunction with the telescopic S-rod handle with armrest. The electronics will automatically tune to the coils connected.


Weight: approx. 920 g (incl. batteries)
Operation frequency: 700 / 1300 pulses per sec.
Power source: 15 V = 10 x AA-batteries
Power consumption: approx. 130 mA
Usage time: approx. 17 houres on alcalines
Operatin temperature:-5 - +55 °C

Detection depth:

Coin (d = 2 cm): 35 cm
Iron box (30x18x15 cm): 250 cm

Controls and Connectors:

  • The power source of the LPX 2 is located on the bottom of the control box. Please make sure that 10 x AA cells are put in the battery holder. To open the unit simply press both knobs at the side of the control box simultaneously. Please do never connect a charger unit to the LPX2 while having non rechargeable batteries in the battery compartment. Please do read the instructions of the manufacturer of the recharging unit first!
  • While connecting the search coil connector to the electronics unit and putting the AUDIO - control from the OFF- Position to the marked position, the LPX 2 is turned ON. The Power source will be disconnected automatically when the search coil - connector is disconnected from the electronics unit.
  • AUDIO- control changes the ticking rate from silent to a low frequency audio tone of the LPX 2 and also acts as a sensitivity control.
  • ZERO - pushbutton retunes the electronics to the set AUDIO- response while pressing it for about two seconds before starting to search. While pressing this control no metal should be in the near of the search coil.
  • FREQ. - Frequency control changes the operation frequency of the LPX 2 and should only be altered when power lines ore radio transmitters interfere with the LPX2.
  • HEADPHONES - jack ...Any stereo headphones with 1/4 inch (6,35mm) plugs can be connected to this jack. The built - in loudspeaker will be automatically turned off when headphones are connected.
  • CHARGER - jack ...Please do only connect a charger (10 cell AA - type) when rechargeable batteries are applied to the LPX 2 to avoid explosions!
  • AUDIO - Beep sound ...will give an audible alarm when the batteries are discharged.


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